CNC Plate Cutting

Pro-Metal Works offers both plasma and oxy fuel cutting services to produce custom shapes from aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon sheets. Our cutting capability is up to 5” thick, 24 feet long and 10 feet wide.

There is no custom tooling required, making plasma and oxy fuel cutting a cost effective solution.  Our CNC plasma and oxy fuel cutting are fast and effective metal processing tools capable of producing practically any two-dimensional part/shape you require. Computer nesting arranges parts to maximize yield and minimize scrap reducing your overall costs.

Note: If you are unfamiliar with CNC sheet and plate cutting, it is important that you understand the typical cut part characteristics in your application and design considerations. While CNC sheet and plate cutting is a highly cost effective process:

    • CNC sheet and plate cut parts can have edges that are rough, especially for thicker material and more so with aluminum than steel.
    • The angle of the edge can deviate from 90 degrees typically by 5 – 20 degrees.
    • The cut edge will have an oxide layer and may have pits at some points along the edge.
    • Optional final machining may be desired for a more precise edge.
    • Some warping may occur.