Who We Are

Pro-Metal Works is a small dedicated manufacturing group with over a century of combined experience in design, engineering, fabrication and welding.

What We Do

Pro-Metal Works produces value added work truck equipment solutions. Our products include hoist systems, vac systems, roll-offs, flatbeds and dump bodies.

Who We Serve

It is our goal to meet the needs of construction, public works, water authority, recycling, tree service, waste disposal, restoration, land scaping and disaster relief operations.

How We Operate

Every design, cut, weld and product produced is only as good as the individual behind it. Our production team takes pride in the fact that there is still great satisfaction that comes out of craftsmanship and an honest day’s work. Pro-Metal Works would not be what it is, if it were not for a very talented workforce with a great work ethic.

Maintaining solid relationships with our suppliers is a top priority which, we consider to be a strategic aspect of our operation. Without these relationships, it would be impossible to achieve the level of satisfaction our customers have grown accustom to.

Pro-Metal Works continuously strives to provide products that exceed our customer requirements. We start by listening to our customers, understanding their needs, taking what works and challenging our team to provide sound solutions.

Our reward has been a constant source of unsolicited referrals and repeat business…


  • Listen to our Customers
  • Find Solutions
  • Work Smart
  • Make Stuff
  • Exceed Expectations
  • Enjoy what we Do

We Don't:

  • Sacrifice quality for profit
  • Cut Corners
  • Work for Free
  • Waste Stuff
  • Complain about a Challenge

At the end of the day, Pro-Metal Works takes great pride in celebrating mutual success with its customers, employees and suppliers …